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MLS players share how they've created financial security while LEVERAGING their time while off the pitch. And they're ready to show how the regular Joe or Jane can do the same!
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The Leverage Investment Group was started by two actively playing professional soccer players that know that their careers won't last forever. They set out to find ways to create long term wealth through passive incomes streams, and found that Real Estate, Business Building and Investing were best way to do so. They've since negotiated exclusive partnership deals with an established network of service providers, local banks, high level property management companies, marketing agencies and more.  Starting businesses and finding success in multiple markets and niches.

This was all done with the goal to break down exactly how they've been able to do it, and show others the way - LEVERAGE INVESTMENT GROUP. Join their MONEY IQ Email Newsletter to learn more about how LIG can help you increase your financial literacy and achieve your financial goals.

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